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Lindsey Berg's Volleyball Keys to More Accurate Setting Using ...

Lindsey Berg’s Volleyball Keys For Setters: Keys to Setting Using the “W” We left off talking about hand positioning and specifically why I’m using the “W”. One really important key to setting touch is understanding that your thumbs and wrists need to be back.

Volleyball Set Tips for Improving Your Setting

Learning hand position for setting... With your hands down in front of you, put all ten fingertips together (thumbs touching each other, index fingers touching each other, etc) with the fingers spread wide. Raise your hands up above your head with your fingers still touching. Pull your elbows out to your sides.

4 Steps to Proper Volleyball Setting | ACTIVE

Place weight on left (back) foot, and transfer weight to right (forward) foot at contact. The correct body position is with ball, forehead and hips in a vertical line.

What are the keys for good setting technique? : volleyball

Shoulders square to the net, feet shoulder length apart, do not stagger them. Use you thumbs and index fingers to set middle fingers supporting. Follow through till the top of your wrists are facing. Take the ball at your forehead (if you put your hands down the ball should hit you in the head).

Mastering the Volleyball Set - LiveAbout

Push through with your hands and arms, releasing the ball with straight arms. As you push with your arms push up with your legs to get more distance on your set. Follow through once the ball has left your hands so that the backs of your hands are facing each other.

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Setting a Volleyball - Strength and Power Volleyball

When setting a volleyball, the ball should only be contacted by your fingers and never the palms of your hands. The points of contact on your fingers should be close to the same contact points as when you formed the triangle (basically, you want your finger tips on the ball).

Indoor Volleyball Setting "Verbal Cues" for Setters and Non ...

This video features Alan Knipe reviewing important volleyball setting “Verbal cues” for setters and non-setters. Great coaches have the ability for players to understand and remember complex motor patterns with easy to understand verbal cues or keys.

5 Volleyball Setting Drills to Develop Strong and Accurate ...

This drill exercises setting on the move versus from a static position. Setters rarely get perfect setting conditions throughout a match, and practicing less than optimal conditions is key to learning to set from a variety of passes. Drill Setup: Three players – all setters if possible but could include liberos if necessary.