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Tennis Serve: Racquet Drop (HUGE Mistake to Avoid & Drills To ...

Jeff Salzenstein, Former top 100 ATP Player and USTA High-Performance Coach, shares a perfect serve drill to fix the early racquet drop mistake. In this tenn...

How To Fix Racquet Drop On The Serve - Tennis Evolution

Serve Drill To Improve Your Racquet Drop The continuous swing drill is one of the most powerful serve drills that you can do, to develop better relaxation and rhythm on your tennis serve. You can perform this drill by swinging without tossing the ball, and letting your follow through come round, so that you can begin a new swing without stopping your arm.

Why You Have Poor Racquet Drop | TENNIS SERVE - YouTube

Serve myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your serve potential. Most players make at...

Tennis Lesson: Serve Step 5 - Racket Drop - YouTube

http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/improve-your-forehand-in-45-minutes/The fifth step of the serve is to get to the racket drop -- a key body position. Every s...

How To Develop A Deep Drop / Loop In The Serve | Feel Tennis

As you work on your tennis serve, you will very likely spend some time improving the drop behind your back where the racquet makes a loopy movement. This is where the racquet starts to accelerate, and a deep drop usually translates into a powerful serve, while a shallower drop produces a weaker serve or at least a less efficient one.

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Tennis Serve Tip: A Good Racket Drop For More Power - YouTube

You most likely know that the racket drop is critical for serve power. But how do you get into a good racket drop so that you can get lots of serve power?The...

The Racquet Drop - Jim McLennan's Essential Tennis Instruction

On the serve this “drop” occurs from a loose motion, even enhanced by loosening the grip And for better or worse this drop may be one of the more difficult aspects of the serve – not for a player to MAKE or FORCE it to drop but to ALLOW or ENABLE To enable, Vic Braden called this, “Let your arm go spaghetti”

Drop it Like it's Hot: The Tennis Drop Serve - Fiend At Court

To execute a drop serve, the server lets the ball fall from the hand and strikes it with the racquet before it hits the ground. In this case the toss is “dropped,” hence the name of this particular service motion. This is clearly allowed in the rules. The server shall then release the ball by hand in any direction and hit the ball with the racket before the ball hits the ground. USTA Friend at Court, ITF Rules of Tennis, Section 16