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That's changed. Soccer equipment today includes much more: shin guards, goalie equipment, soccer referee equipment, football kit bag, and soccer training equipment, such as flags, cones, agility ladders, and slalom poles. All this equipment used for soccer can be found at discount prices at Epic Sports. The Ball. Soccer equipment begins with the ball.

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This is another essential item of Soccer equipment list. Soccer cleats are specially made for soccer players to provide them best comfort and maximum protection. A good cleat simply helps one to increase his/her performance. Generally, soccer cleat has 4 parts. They are – Upper, Insole, Outsole and Heel counter.

Study: 'Protective' headgear does not prevent sport-related ...

Most previous studies that examined the efficacy of soccer headgear were carried out in laboratory settings, during which researchers used the impact of a soccer ball to the head as the possible injury-causing mechanism. But McGuine says that study design may not accurately capture what actually happens on the soccer field.

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It is the most technologically advanced soccer ball ever made. The ball has a latex bladder that means the ball can move faster and glide better in the air and makes it lighter than most other soccer balls. It is the lightest soccer ball ever made even beating the 2010 World Cup ball the Jubilani. One of the most impressive features is that there are six different strips/patches that are heated together to make the ball waterproof. This is a massive step in soccer ball production.

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Finally, given that soccer participation has been found to be associated with mild cognitive impairment, 15 further research is needed to (a) verify exposure levels to heading across different age groups, (b) assess exposure and injury at different levels of play, and (c) determine the optimum age for teaching safe heading skills. 16 Finally, given that the American Academy of Pediatrics 17 have suggested that protective eyewear and mouth guards may be helpful in reducing non-fatal head and ...

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Soccer - Statistics & Facts. Soccer—more commonly referred to as football—is a team sport involving two competing teams with eleven field players each and is considered the most popular sport ...

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